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Smooth is Fast

At Red River Reconstruction we pride ourselves on efficiency. Our goal is always to start and end a project in an organized manner. Because we are usually working closely with a property owner and their insurance company we want to make sure that our scope is easy to understand.

Typically, if your Alexandria home or business has suffered water damage or fire damage SERVPRO of Alexandria, our sister company, while be involved as the mitigation contractor. That means that they will dry out any wet materials, demolish any unsalvageable materials and clean the structure in preparation for the reconstruction. Once that aspect of the project is complete Red River Reconstruction steps in and starts replacing all of the building materials that were removed or destroyed.

This partnership minimizes confusion because we are working together, as a team. Two contractors that are on the same team create a more efficient process, and when this process is smooth then smooth is fast!

We service Alexandria, Pineville, Ball, Natchitoches, Marksville and the rest of central Louisiana.

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